Ep 1: Steak Mtn. Interview

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“I have a really loose moral compass. It’s for real.” The interview subject of this debut episode of The Magnetic Eye is graphic artist Chris Norris, aka Steak Mtn. Chris is best known for the electric, abrasive designs he has made for punk and metal records; see his Intimacy album cover below. During the podcast, he also discusses his day job as a set decorator at pornography studio Kink.com. Thanks to Chris Norris. View more of his work at steakmtn.com.


Some choice quotes from Chris Norris’ episode of The Magnetic Eye:

“We’re on a porn set, and why wouldn’t somebody be being played like a fuckin’ puppet?”

“Art scares people.”

San Francisco is “like a wet thrift store.”

“I can’t afford to have ideals.”

2 thoughts on “Ep 1: Steak Mtn. Interview

  1. Thanks for your reply, man! I’ve never really thought twice about that aspect of San Fran’s arts scene, and in general I really love the city that Chris hates, but hearing his caustic tirade on it was highly entertaining. I enjoy interviewing people because occasionally you get to look at the world through their eyes for a minute.

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